Why You Should Become Online Sales Pro Affiliate

As an online sales pro Affiliate, let me tell you this is the simplest way to make money online. Let's face it people, it is not worth killing yourself working two jobs and still not see your way. You do know that the more money you make working two jobs is the more taxes you pay? Yep! And, certain things you are doing right now are tax deductible only if, you are in business for yourself. Well,for now with this business you will not be able to take these tax exemptions but later when you are ready to file the paper work you will wish you had gone into business for yourself sooner. Still,for now we shall focus on why you should become an online sales pro affiliate.

Some people work too hard for pennies. So what's the use of having two jobs or slaving yourself making someone else's dream come true if, you can't spend time with your family, if you can't take them on trips to exotic places? Tell me what's the use, if you can't secure your future and theirs, if you can't find time for yourself?

Don't get me wrong,we all have to work because, we have bills and other commitments. But, there is always something better. You have the power to be your own boss,you can still keep your 9-5 and become an online sales pro affiliate where you call the shots. You get to choose where and when you to work. You only answer to yourself. Impossible you say? Well,it's working for many people who are waking up and smelling the coffee. You see, retirement money is not enough and may not even be available when you retire. This is one of the reasons why you should become an online sales pro affiliate.

Online sales pro is a marketing software that generates leads and manages them. As an online sales pro affiliate you get paid doing what you already do on social media, you share an easy to use mobile app through your postings on social media,blogs,anywhere online.

This app is accompanied by video training tutorials which are are so easy to understand that it enables affiliates to rake in big money while becoming their own boss very easy and fast.

So even if you get just 2 people to sign up, it pays for your own monthly fee because you will be getting $20 from each signup. The possibilities are endless. Can you imagine signing up 100 to 500 people on a monthly basis? Do the math. People are making a killing.

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Do you know the startup cost of forming a business? When one has to factor in office space, employees, tools,resources along with rental fees,product inventories,website and other cost, the cost of starting /running a business is rather expensive but, you are fortunate because, Online Sales Pro costs just $37 monthly to operate so, every one who joins under you pays $37 a month. OSP has its own affiliate program from which you can promote through social media. Once you put to use the marketing training to generate leads and share their free mobile app you will be paid a monthly $20 commission for each customer that signs up through your affiliate link. There is no commitment on your part,no contracts to sign. You can try it free for 7 days and even if, you decide to join and decide that making money no longer interest you,you have 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund.

So once you sign up, you will be provided with an affiliate link and will have 7 days to work this baby for free. You will post your links on all social media platforms that you have and create more if you need too,download the free app to your phone and promote, promote,promote your affiliate links after customizing landing pages which are provided for you. These pages are ready for use. All you have to do is add your affiliate link, change the color or just use as is.

When someone signs up and decides that this is something they really want to do, you get paid monthly. It requires some minimal work on your part as you are already used to posting images and other content online. You will have to download the free app from iTunes store and install it on your phone. The app allows you to contact your leads via text or calls and keeps you abreast of how many people signed up and how much money you are making monthly. The potential here is great. All you need is two people to sign up and that covers your own 37$ monthly fee but you should not settle for just 2.

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You get paid through PayPal every 25th of the month. Below is how much you can make monthly.

  • Refer 10 people and make $200 monthly
  • Refer 100 people and make $2,000 monthly
  • Refer 1,000 people and make $20,000 monthly
  • Refer 10,000 people and make $200,000 monthly

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    If you are pressed for time, no problem as you can run your (OSP)-Online Sales Pro business when you are not busy. You can do this on your phone or anywhere there's WiFi. Once you work the Online Sales Pro system even if it's for a few hours on a weekly basis, you'll have a chance of launching an online business full time and you will be able to embrace freedom and the successful lifestyle that you seek.

    Online sales pro provides training along with free resource needed to run your successful online business from the ground up. You don't need any experience as long as you can read and write English and are determined to change your life for the best you will succeed.

    You will have to think of a name,add your links to landing pages which are already done for you and you are good to go. If you run into problem you always have support.

    This is not a get rich quick scheme so, if you are impatient this is not for you. You are never alone. Support is readily available and you can do it part time in the comfort of your own home or wherever. When you are not close to a computer you can run this bushiness on your mobile phone because that's how simple it is.

    Below are some of the tools and resources which are provided for online sales pro affiliates

    • Landing pages:500+ designs of your choice
    • Mobile app for account management
    • How to videos and FAQs
    • Social Media training
    • Sales training
    • Autoresponder
    • Sales funnel
    • Community pages
    • Custom domains
    • Affiliate Training
    • Customer training
    • support

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    So once you sign up choose a name,for example I chose incomeonline go through the videos,and use your affiliate links to promote your online sales pro just about anywhere online.

    Many affiliates promote their Online Sales Pro (OSP)link by using free or paid online traffic.These sources of free traffic include the major networks like Pinterest, Facebook,Snapchat,emails,Twitter,and others pay for traffic by buying facebook ads,google adwords and Solo Ads

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    This is such a beautiful system. I hope you sign up and give it a chance. Once you have a lead,Online Sales Pro will follow up on your behalf by emailing them for you after they sign up on any one of their "done for you" landing pages.You can also use their system to promote other companies affiliate products.

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