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Job Interview unsuccessful? New Job Search

An unsuccessful job interview can be a disheartening experience and an unpleasant memory. The demoralizing effect is even stronger when you have to deal with several such situations, or with repeated failure to be short-listed for an interview. Still, since you do need a job, you clearly can’t afford to stay discouraged forever. It's easy to give up job hunting; but that should push you to keep trying. I've been on Job interviews, where the interviewer says at the end that they have other candidates to be interviewed and that they'll call when they make their decision. Well, do I sit and wait for that call? No, I keep looking. I tell myself there is a better job out there for me. Sometimes, companies never call and if one is too sit and wait; without spreading his or her wings and fly then consider being unemployed forever. You cannot depend on that one interview. This is what I do after the interview is unsuccessful. Instead of feeling discouraged, I keep my j…

Job Hunting-Employment Search Early

Employment happens easily for job seekers who have experience in their career of choice. Some job advertisements even specify that experience is required, or at least that it can be an asset. Could this mean that fresh graduates have no chance to find employment? Of course not, that would be absurd. You can only gain experience by actually working somewhere, so there must be some job opportunities open for you. When I entered the job market, I took an entry level position to gain some experience. The pay was not what I expected but this entry level position prepared me for a better paying position at a different company. I say this because sometimes people will not take employment where the pay is not up to par. That's why I had to learn the hard way; that part time school and work makes a good combination instead of full time school and no work.
In fact, there are good chances that you might find employment even before you graduate. Many companies are willing to hire studen…

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