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Job Search Organization

The Value of Being Organized During a Job Search

You will be inundated with all sorts of paperwork, correspondence, documents and important files the moment you begin your search for a job. Job hunting involves contacting and communicating with a number of companies and key persons so you will have a lot of letters for every job position you are applying for. It also means you have a lot of appointments to keep track of.

If you're aggressive in your job search, you have a lot of data that you have to have on file. If you are applying for different positions, you would have different versions of your resume as well as cover letters that specifically target the different positions. And if you did your assignment, you would have brochures and other pieces information of each company you are interested to work for. You would also have appointment letters, referrals and other important documents needed for each job application. Now imagine having all these papers stacked up in just on…

How To Succeed On Your Next Job Interview

Job Interview Self-Evaluation

Follow each of your job interviews immediately by a self-evaluation. After you get out of the interviewing room, you should have a pretty good idea of what the result would be -- whether you will get the job or not.
Analyze, Recall Questions
In case it doesn't look like you made the cut at the job interview, then analyze what went wrong from your side. Recall the questions you were asked and the answers you gave while they are still fresh in your memory. Recall your responses to each question, how you stated them, and what you think your interviewers liked and disliked. Sit and list the positive and negative things you did during your job interview. Strive to be objective when analyzing yourself because this self-evaluation will help you a great deal in future job interviews.Learn From Positive And Negative Things

Don't be discouraged if you realize that you did more negative things than positive ones. Knowing and recognizing the negative things t…

Job Interview -How To Your Make Job Interview Successful

Job Research

Every job interview should be preceded by research work regarding not only the job that you are applying for but also the company. It is of high importance to be familiar with as many things as possible about the job and about the responsibilities that it entails so that you can know what to say in order for them to hire you.

Study The Company

The entire interview evolves around these questions: "What makes you the ideal candidate for this position?" and "What can you offer us?" Unless you know a lot about that specific position, you are not able to turn the interview into a success. Almost everything that you say about you should fit their requirements. And in order to know what they are asking from you, you should be informed. To be informed, you need to do your assignment and study the company before you step into the interview room.    
Don't Exaggerate

Certainly, in everything that you say there must not be any exaggeration, but you have to ke…

Why You Should Keep In Touch With Human Resources Managers

Human Resources Managers Have First-Hand Information About Job Openings

Nowadays there are a lot of ways you can search for a job as compared to some years ago when job openings were advertised in newspapers, and on the doors or on the windows of the companies. Many job seekers still use the traditional method of finding a job by going directly to the companies that they are interested to work for. Today, nearly all companies and businesses have human resource departments that are entrusted with receiving resumes and cover letters, choosing the persons needed for the job positions that are available, and overseeing everything else related to hiring new staff. Thus, persons from this department, particularly the human resource managers, have first-hand or insider knowledge of job openings and opportunities within their companies.Human Resource Managers Can Immediately Alert You Of Job OpeningsPerseverance is the main key in finding the perfect job. You should keep in touch with human r…

How To Succeed In Gettng The Right Job

Choose A Good MentorIn our careers, we get ahead through many different forms. Having connections in your field of interest is important, but what you know is just as crucial. Having a mentor gives you the best of both worlds, combining your association with your mentorwith the knowledge you gain from him or her.Who You Know And What You KnowA mentor can be anyone. A mentor could be a fellow co-worker at your job, who has perhaps been there longer and knows all the detailed inner workings of your career. Your mentor could even be your employer.Choose Someone Who You Can Learn FromRegardless of yourmentor'sidentity, the person who is to become your mentor should be someone who has a detailed knowledgeof your chosen field of interest. Your mentor should be someone you can learn from and should be able to teach you information that you would not learn from any other source, except, perhaps, another mentor.
Choose Someone You Can TrustBeing able to trust your mentorshould be the most …

How To Be Successful At Getting Important Things Done

Set Priorities

Each day we are surrounded by things that have to get done. As society gets more modern and information travels faster, the bids for our time become even greater. Our first reaction to the conflicting demands on our time is to try to do everything at once. However, actually getting everything done whenever we want to rarely happens. We have to do what is known as "setting our priorities" in order to be successful at getting the most important tasks done.

Focus On What's Important

Perfectionists have an especially difficult time with priorities because they try to make sure that everything gets done perfectly the first time. This is not reality. Understand that life is not perfect and you have to set your focus on what is really important. While there are many different theories on setting priorities, it might be wise to stick to some of the more traditional ways of priority setting.

Don't Disregard Spiritual Relationships

While not everyone is religious,…

How To Manage Stress- Take A Break

To Handle Stress -Take A BreakIn life, there is a time for everything. There is time to sleep and there is a time to eat. There is a time work and a time to play. There is also a time relax. But for some reason in our highly-motivated society we have put a negative overtone on taking time to relax. Some even equate it with being lazy. But your body needs that time to relax or it will quickly experience health problems because it never gets a break from the stress.

Take A Walk And Relax

How do you relax when there is so much going on around you? Sometimes you just have to walk down the back stairwell of your office building away from everyone else and go to a
place to you sit and get some fresh air. Sometimes, you have to sneak away from your office and go to a day football game. Of course, you shouldn’t take advantage of sneaking away
from your boss but more than likely you’ll find your boss does the same thing.

Sneak Away And Forget Your Problems

When you take a break and just forget…

How To Accomplish More In Smaller Steps

Take Small Steps To Accomplish More

One sure way for you to become unhappy is for you to try to accomplish too much at once. You set yourself up for disappointment when you fail to meet your goals. This is usually the case when you have too many tasks at hand thatare overwhelming. When you are faced with overwhelming tasks, the only thing you can do in order to successfully accomplish them is to take very small steps. If you look at the overall big picture, you will probably do nothing at all and the tasks will never get done. These unfinished tasks will, over time, cause unhappiness and frustration.

Organize Your Office

For instance, let us say that you have a home office that is piled with stacks of paper and receipts and all sorts of clutter. You have been having problems focusing while working and you can pinpoint the cause of the distractions:the clutter in your work area. However, with pressing deadlines, you do not have hours and hours to spend organizing your office space. Sudde…

BreakFast And Job Performance

How To Perform Effectively On The Job  Many people whose work consists mainly of physical activity will often find it hard to believe that spending eight hours sitting at a desk in front of the computer can be just as exhausting. Still, even if the effort is of a different kind, it is still an effort, and you’ll need to be prepared for it. To put it in plain English, you need to eat enough. Eat A Nutritious BreakfastIndeed, the amount of energy you start your morning with can have surprising effects on your performance, as well as your general level of enthusiasm throughout your working day. You should avoid reporting for work on an empty stomach. Eat a healthy breakfast so you can work well and maintain a cheerful disposition the whole day. By the way, in case you’re worried about your waistline, you should know that higher calorie consumption during the first half of the day will not have undesired effects on your physical shape. On the contrary, it is the best met…

How To Have More Time For Recreation

Organize Your ActivitiesEverybody these days complain that he or she does not have time for anything, nor have any spare time. However, most people forget or don’t take into consideration the amount of time they lose with all sort of non-important activities. If people could better organize their lives and the activities they do, then they would have more time.

Organize Your Work Area

For instance, have you ever misplaced a file in a cluttered desk? You probably did. Can you remember the amount of time you spent on trying to find it? It probably took up a lot of your time before you located the file. If you were not able the file then the effort; besides having been in vain, also took a lot of your time and energy. And this without taking into consideration, that you could have never found the file you were looking for, ever again. This can be very frustrating.

Organize Your Desk

Now, imagine that if you have had a better-organized desk, a better-organized work area, this would have ne…

Job Search

Where to Look for a Job

Finding a job is not an easy task at all. On the one hand, it can take a while to find a job that matches your qualifications and expectations. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that your resumé and cover letter will get you selected for an interview, or that the job interview will have the result you desire. Obviously, the more job openings you can find, the higher the chances that you’ll be hired soon. Let’s have a look at how you can look for job opportunities.

The passive approach is, of course, not the way. You can’t wait until a job advertisement reaches you. You need to search for it yourself, using all the sources available. These include the local newspapers, employment websites and job fairs. Don’t hesitate to let friends and acquaintances know that you’re looking for a job; they might find something and let you know. Employment support groups can also be very helpful in your search for a job.

Newspapers and employment websites are usually the m…

Employee Guide To The Working Universe

Valuable Employee InformationHave you ever started a new job and were unsure when a pay day was or unsure what type of benefits a company had to offer? Have you ever worked for a company and not known what type of information you should keep confidential? Have you ever been written up for a mistake that someone had trained you as the right way to do?

There are a number of important documents that an employee should make sure he or she obtains and maintains. Unfortunately, as companies grow and the number of employees increase and the complication of a process increases, there are times valuable information does not get to the employee in the fashion that it should. However, by searching for and maintaining important documents, you can be proactive and ensure that you get all the information you need.

Documents that set out your company’s goals and policies should be first on the list of documents you should obtain. If the company you work for has a mission, vision and values it wants …

How Not To Be Invisible On The Job

Make Yourself Seen 
When it comes to the degree of visibility in an organization, most people would agree that keeping a high profile is better than going unnoticed. If you’re not convinced of that yet, read the rest of this article.

Keep A High Profile

There is an old Chinese story about a man who had a cat. The cat was very good at hunting mice, and the man was glad that he didn’t have to worry about too many rodents in his home. One day, however, while he was visiting his neighbor, he heard a lot of noise coming from the attic. The explanation he got was that the neighbor’s cat was busy chasing mice. The man started suspecting his own cat of laziness, since he had never heard such noise coming from his own attic. Of course, the good cat knew perfectly well that, while chasing mice could be done quite all right with a lot of caterwauling and racing around, it took a silent and patient hunter to actually catch them. But the man didn’t know that, and he was the one with the authority …

Why You Should Be Punctual For Your Job Inteview

Being Punctual Shows Respect

Punctuality is a quality that is very much appreciated. Being punctual gives the impression that you are professional. Punctuality is also a sign that you respect other people's time. Being punctual for a job interview gives a prospective employer the impression that you are professional and are serious about getting the job. Obviously, being late at such an event will not be a good starting point for you.
Being Punctual Helps You Feel Relaxed
On the day of your job interview, you need to get ready on time for the interview. Leave your place early enough so that you won't have to run and be tired the moment you arrive. Organize your time in such a way that you are prepared for unpleasant and unexpected events like traffic jams and so on.
Being On Time Says Something About Your Professionalism
It is an unwritten law that you have to arrive ten to fifteen minutes before the scheduled hour of your interview. Be polite with the person who welcomes you if t…

Clutter Free Bathroom

How To Organize the Bathroom
The bathroom is the one room in the house that is often overlooked when it comes to both tidying and organizing. This is because the bathroom isn’t specifically any one person’s room. However, it is easy to organize the bathroom in such a way that will make items easy to locate, identify and assign to each member of the house. The bathroom is the one area of the house that has items belonging specifically to each family member and also the one room of the house that can generate a lot of arguments if items are misplaced or used by the wrong person.
Bathroom Caddies ? Buy one!
A bathroom caddy is the single most useful item when it comes to organizing the bathroom. More specifically, one bathroom caddy per person is ideal. A bathroom caddy gives room to house all personal items including toothbrushes and other hygienic items that are considered to be personal to each family member. The bathroom caddy also allows each family member to put his or her own shamp…

False Information Can Harm, Not Help, Your Career

How To Avoid Getting Fired From Your Job 

Do Not Pad Your Resume

Every day, we hear about someone "padding" a resume in order to get a better job. ELIZABETH STANTON, in her article in the New York Times, entitled "If a Résumé Lies, Truth Can Loom Large" writes "Padding can take many creative forms: extending the length of employment so it doesn't look as though you've been out of work too long; changing a former job title, say, to account executive from executive assistant; or claiming to hold a degree when you're a few credits shy. Some people have made up eye-catching stints at defunct, and untraceable, dot-com companies, experts say". In the most extreme cases, people have been known to falsify almost their entire lives in order to land a position that might pay them well. Examples as reported by the New York Times are Ronald L. Zarrella and Kenneth E.Lonchar.This practice, even in the smallest forms, such as lying about experience or exa…

How To Succeed In Gettng The Right Job

Choose A Good MentorIn our careers, we get ahead through many different forms. Having connections in your field of interest is important, but what you know is just as crucial. Having a mentor gives you the best of both worlds, combining your association with your mentor with the knowledge you gain from him or her.Who You Know And What You KnowA mentor can be anyone. A mentor could be a fellow co-worker at your job, who has perhaps been there longer and knows all the detailed inner workings of your career. Your mentor could even be your employer.Choose Someone Who You Can Learn FromRegardless of your mentor's identity, the person who is to become your mentor should be someone who has a detailed knowledge of your chosen field of interest.  Your mentor should be someone you can learn from and should be able to teach you information that you would not learn from any other source, except, perhaps, another mentor.  Choose Someone You Can TrustBeing able to trust your mentor should be th…

Embracing Help

Don’t Turn Away Help   

Most of us are proud people. We usually have an attitude within ourselves that we have made it to this point of life on our own and will continue to pull our weight to make it. However, we can be assured that at some point in our life, we will hit the bottom. It is not a matter of if but it is a matter of when.

Unless you are independently wealthy, you are going to need someone to help you and you will have to swallow your pride to let that happen. Maybe you have experienced a job loss and it has been a few months and you still have not landed a new job. You send resume after resume with no response. Have you tried calling someone you know who might be able to help you get a job? It has been proven time and time again that you have the best chances of
getting a job when someone already there can attest to your skills and qualifications. So why go through the hassle of looking anywhere else?

For those of us young…

Company Language - How To Be Heard In The Workplace

Learn the Company Language

Learning a language, as a child comes in stages. Children often learn acceptable actions and body language before they learn how to speak a single vocabulary word. However, when an adult starts a new job, most of the time he or she is learning the vocabulary or the terminology used for the different types of equipment, products and functions before learning the corporate language and acceptable actions a company uses. It is important as an adult to learn how to speak the language of a company, not just the terminology of a company.

Research and Learn What IS Acceptable Behavior

Every company has certain acceptable actions it uses in various communication settings. In a meeting, a company may consider talking about different subjects other than what the meeting was called for. Other companies would not accept the action at all. Some companies use a specified meeting start time as an approximate starting time. Some companies will start a meeting without whoev…

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