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Free Job Training for Adults

Free Job Training? Yes! There's a company in the Bronx with branches in Florida that gives computer job training free of charge to individuals who are 18 to 55 years of age. This is my third day of training. Today, I learned how to partition and format the hard drive and how to install windows 98. This is so much fun. People say nothing is free well, people can be wrong sometimes. To take the A+ exams , I would have to shell out $316. With this organization I get the text book free, free job interview training, computer tool kit, a voucher for A+ exams, paid internship, along with job placement.

All I have to do is be on time, adhere to rules and regulations study and prepare to pass the exams so I can get certified. This company has been in operation since 1995 and I accidentally stumbled onto it while looking for a job on Craigslist.

Job Readiness

Job Readiness in crucial times when the job market is effected by the economy is one of the many answers for landing a career. As a displaced homemaker I know first hand how difficult it is to land that first job even though I have the credentials. In January, I graduated with a BS degree in Computer Information Systems. Although the jobs are out there the outlook for me was discouraging.

I went to job fairs, career seminars, did internships, volunteer work and still getting hired was tough. Lacking experience in the field is a major hindrance to landing a job.
Recently, I discovered a non profit organization that prepares serious participants from the age of 18 to 67 years old for employment in the Computer Industry. I signed up and started the course on June 9th.

The first day of class was Orientation. On the second day however, the hands on training began. We all were given a computer took kit and was asked to dissemble a computer and reassemble it. At the end of training s…

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