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Cover Letters-Increase Their Impact

Most interviewers will tell you that without a cover letter; your resume does not stand a chance of being reviewed; so even when job offers request resumes without stressing cover letters take the initiative and send one. The cover letter is like a briefing. It tells the interviewer a little about your goals and why they should hire you for the position.

So, since job advertisements don’t always ask for a cover letter along with your resumé, you should know you are always expected to send one. Some companies won’t even look at your resumé if it’s not accompanied by such a letter. After all, resumés and cover letters represent your first encounter with prospective employers and furnish the criteria based on which you may be selected for a job interview. Consequently, you should not write a cover letter in haste, but pay attention to every detail when crafting one.

While they may be required to follow certain standard patterns, you do have some freedom as to the style, so you should…

Free Computer Job Training-Follow Up

Free Computer Job Training is still available to those who are interested in landing a career in the Computer Field. At the training, I was given a computer, a tool set and knowledge which would prepare me for the world of work. Every student is given a computer to take home for free. The toolkit as well as the valuable information is also free.

I gained such invaluable information which landed me a job right after passing the A+ Certification examinations. I learned how to dismount a computer, set up a small network and how to prepare for interviews. In addition, to classroom training students are taken out in the field to set up networks at various schools in the community. Upon completion of the course, students are given more hands on training at the schools factory,where they earn a stipend while learning new things and further practicing what they learned in the classroom. Then there's a graduation to celebrate the accomplishments of those who persevered and succeeded.

And …

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