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Job in NYC. After I graduated college, finding a job in NYC was a job in itself. Not only was it difficult but, looking for a job in New York City was very tedious,monotonous,and stressful especially when they say, "we have others to consider but, we will keep in touch" and they never call.

I graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and one would think with everything computerized these days that landing a job in the Field of Information Technology would be easy. Boy was I in for a rude awakening.No one seemed to hiring in NY at the time so I had to take matters into my hands.

I discovered that if one does not have any experience and licensure to accompany that degree,one is toast unless, one goes into business for oneself.Even if you have a degree to qualify for certain Government jobs, you have to pass an exam which you have to pay for. To top it off,selection is based on scores. 70 is the passing score so those who score higher than that stand a better chance of landing that job.

The same holds true for finding a NYC job in places of higher learning,unless you did work study and they decided to keep you on but, you still have to take an exam which is not free. You think because you have a Degree in Education that you are job ready? Sorry to disappoint but, you will not be hired if you are not certified. And to be certified you need to pass exams which you must pay for and pass.If you don't pass you must pay and retake that exam again in order to get that license. Sometimes I think that these exams are just money making because sometimes people fail by 1 or 2 points and they have to take the paid exam over again.

When I was looking for work my primary focus was the public sector and many people can concur. I overlooked the private sector because, people always said that the pay is bad. Well that's true of some private sector jobs but, if you work for UCP of New York and have your credentials the pay is okay.

I found a job at UCP and I have been working there for 7 years now. I have met others who have been working here for 30 plus years and my pay is greater than theirs. Remember what I mentioned earlier about credentials well,they don't have credentials although they can better their situation. Working here is stress less. Everyone gets along and there's an absence of the drama found on other jobs. People pretty much mind their business, do their work and go home.

UCP of New York is always hiring and the jobs are not dead end. One has the opportunity to grow and move up the ladder for higher pay. It all depends on the individual. I know of individuals who moved from Teaching Assistants to Therapists and or Social Workers. So, if you can't find a job maybe you are looking everywhere else but here.

By here I mean Non-profit Organizations like UCP. The pay is not as gorgeous as that of private sector but they provide perks and benefit package. Still, many people use them to gain experience and move on.

Back to how me, a graduate with an IT background landed the job of Certified Teaching Assistant with no Teaching experience. So since, I couldn't find work with my degree I learned how to become a certified computer Technician and that landed me a one week job and that was that.

My friend who was taking a course in home daycare told me I should take the certified teaching assistant exam and after hooking me up with all the information I did,passed the exam,did a few workshops, and today I am working as a Level 3 Teaching Assistant.

Although it's non profit the starting hourly salary of 14$ (Level 1 Certified Teaching Assistant)along with paid sick days, paid vacation,health and dental benefits, UFT representation along with other perks like Tuition reimbursement makes for a beautiful package.

Although it's a place where one can grow or make the transition from Assistant Teacher to a Classroom Teacher or Therapist to Social Worker given the furthering of one's education many have stayed on while others come for the experience and move on.

The hiring process is on a referral basis and employment is ongoing. If you are looking for a job as a direct care worker, Certified Teaching Assistant, Registered Nurse,Teacher,Social Worker,Intake Coordinator, Supervisor or Director go here and upload your resume.

The Human Resources Department distributes a list of open positions within UCP of NYC on a weekly basis. And all those who qualify for these eligible positions will be considered for these positions so upload your resume today. What are you waiting for? Follow the link and get that job.As we speak there are openings for Therapists,Assistant Teachers,Social Workers,Teachers, RN.

To become a Certified Teaching Assistant, you need to do 3 workshops,(violence prevention,child abuse,and bullying,pass the Teaching Assistant Exam and provide fingerprints to Albany after which,Albany will furnish you with a certificate,and get fingerprinted by the Board of Education.

Be sure to let them know that Maudline referred you. So what are you waiting for. Click here to get the job that's awaiting you.

UCP is a "Nonprofit agency that provides direct services technology,and advocacy to children and adults with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. It's a multi service provider delivering more than 75 comprehensive programs, including healthcare, education, technology, residential,and habilitation services". Offices are located at 80 Maiden Lane in NY

Click here to register for Teaching Account and to take Teaching Exam. More Teaching Assistant information. Workshops you can do at any center. For each workshop you have to spend 2 hours reading,viewing videos and taking test. Workshops are cheaper if you have the time to sit at a center for 2 hours or you take it here online and go at your own pace. You do not have to sit in front your computer for 2 hours straight. You can 2 days to complete these workshops online if you are pressed for time. Only thing they cost more online than the local center. Your referral is Maudline W.

Click this site to set up your account and for submission of your workshop certificates and fingerprints. After you pass the teaching assistant exams your scores will be sent there also but you will have 45 days to view your scores and print them for your records on the testing website because after 45 days they charge you for hard copy information. So click here to register with the board of Education.

Your first set of fingerprints which you will submit to Albany can be done at your local precinct or where they do fingerprints. You will need the cards to mail to Albany. Bear in mind that the police station charges a fee for those prints.

You will be required to take a 2nd set of prints by the Board of Education which they will keep and give you a receipt which you must keep in a safe place because fingerprints cost 116$.

Women outnumber men in the school age and preschool departments at UCP. There is always need for more males so your chances of getting hired as a Teaching Assistant or Teacher provided you meet the requirements is very high. These days all Teaching Assistants must be certified by New York State to work with Kids. Females if you are fresh out of college and want to get some experience fill this online application here and tell them Maud White referred you.


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